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Boost Your Adventure

Discover the Powerland Tachyon. The World's Fastest Electric ATV

Unleash the power of the world's fastest electric ATV. Powerland ATVs are designed for the ultimate off-road adventure.

Unparalleled Speed.
With a maximum speed of 90 km/h, Tachyon propels you forward with a force that rivals the speed of light.
Impressive Acceleration.
Powerland lets you experience a blazing fast acceleration from to 50 km/h in less than 4 seconds, ensuring you're always ahead of the pack.
Extended Range.
With a range of up to 110 km, Powerland ATVs ensure your off-road adventures are not cut short.

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Powerland Tachyon

Discover Off-Road Excellence

Welcome to Hisun. Pioneering Off-Road Adventures

Embark on an exhilarating off-road journey with Hisun. Hisun is dedicated to crafting high-quality off-road vehicles that transform the modern off-road experience.

Innovative Off-Road Vehicles.
Hisun offers a comprehensive range of unique and versatile ATVs and UTVs.
Safe and Controlled Adventures.
Safety is a top priority for Hisun. Their vehicles are designed to ensure safe and controlled driving across all terrains, allowing you to explore with confidence.
Built for every adventure.
Hisun vehicles are built to withstand the toughest terrains, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

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Electrify Your World

Experience BAW. The Innovators of High-Tech Automotive Systems

Step into the world of BAW, a fully certified technological innovator, providing an extensive array of vehicles such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, special vehicles, motorcycles, and key parts.

Outstanding Performance.
Whether it's a small truck for business needs or an electric MPV for family trips, BAW vehicles deliver exceptional performance every time.
Technological Solutions.
BAW integrates the latest technology into their vehicles, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.
Long-standing History.
With over 72 years of history, BAW has been a pioneer in the automotive industry since 1951.

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BAW Automotive

Experience La Dolce Vita on Wheels

WoW! Scooter. The Essence of Italian Electric Scooters

Ride in style with WoW! Scooter's electric scooters, designed and built entirely in Italy for the ultimate urban mobility.

Authentic Italian Design.
Embodying the spirit of Italy, WoW! Scooter's design adds an Italian flair to your city journeys.
Powerful Performance.
Breaking the norms with its top speed, WoW! Scooter offers an unmatched ride for city commuting.
Extended Travel Distance.
WoW! E-scooters can cover up to 95 km with a single charge, your city adventures are extensive and uninterrupted.

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Wow Scooter

Elevate Your Ride

Introducing e-boost. High-Performance Electric Motorcycles - Made in Germany!

Experience the future of riding with e-boost's electric motorcycles, designed to redefine your riding experience.

Superior Performance.
e-boost delivers an exhilarating ride on city streets or off-road trails, pushing the limits of electric biking.
Instant Acceleration.
e-boost lets you feel the surge of immediate acceleration as you navigate across any terrain, leaving every sports car behind.
Endless Adventures.
With a range that covers up to 100 km on a single charge, e-boost ensures your biking adventures are never cut short.

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Unleash Your Adventure

Presenting Gowow. The Future of Off-Road Biking.

Feel the thrill of off-road biking with Gowow. Gowow is committed to creating high-quality electric dirt bikes that redefine the modern off-road experience.

Powerful Performance.
The Gowow ORI is equipped with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, providing a high torque of 420 Nm. Ride with force, no matter the terrain.
Superior Suspension.
Experience excellent traction and suspension with the Gowow ORI’s four-link rear suspension system. Designed for optimal off-road performance.
Lightweight and Durable.
The Gowow ORI features a lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring superior control and durability.

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Off-road Adventure, Redefined.

Explore the Arctic Leopard. The Ultimate Electric Off-Road Motorcycles

Discover Arctic Leopard, the high-performance electric motorcycle designed for extreme off-road adventure.

Unmatched Performance.
With a top speed that pushes the limits of off-road riding, the Arctic Leopard takes you on an exhilarating ride through any adventure.
Rapid Acceleration.
Feel the rush of instant acceleration as you glide effortlessly over rough terrain.
Exceptional Range.
With a range that outlasts the longest off-road rides, your adventures will never be cut short.

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Arctic Leopard

Revolutionize Your Commute

Explore the Future of Urban Mobility with Ovaobike

Embrace the thrill of city racing with our advanced e-motorcycles, designed for modern commuting in urban and rural landscapes.

Exciting Models.
Choose from three innovative Ovaobike models, each offering a unique blend of style and technology.
Impressive Speed and Range.
Experience the freedom of high-speed commuting with Ovaobike, with speeds of up to 148 km/h and a range of more than 200 km.
Cutting-Edge Technology.
The latest technology integrated into your everyday ride with Ovaobike. Making your commute easy and enjoyable.

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Product screenshot

Embrace the Electric Revolution

Experience E-Broh. Pioneers in Electric Scooters & Motorcycles

Dive into the world of electric mobility with E-Broh's range of electric scooters and motorcycles, designed for the eco-conscious urban commuter.

Authentic Riding Experience.
E-Broh combines the thrill of riding with an electric heart, offering an authentic riding experience.
Sustainable and Efficient.
E-Broh paves the way for electric mobility. Their advanced technology and high-quality materials ensure a sustainable and efficient ride.
Versatile Models.
From electric scooters to maxiscooters and motorcycles, E-Broh offers a variety of models to suit your urban mobility needs.

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Elevate Your Journey

Introducing Sunra. The Vanguard of Electric Riding

Sunra is committed to creating high-quality electric motorcycles and scooters that redefine the modern commuting experience.

Authentic Riding Experience.
Sunra combines the thrill of riding with an electric heart, offering an authentic riding experience.
Sustainable and Efficient.
Sunra paves the way for electric mobility. Their advanced technology and high-quality materials ensure a sustainable and efficient ride.
Versatile Models.
From electric scooters to maxiscooters and motorcycles, Sunra offers a variety of models to suit your urban mobility needs.

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With Volts and Vision

Welcome to Velocifero. The Art of Electric Mobility

Velocifero is a unique brand with a different vision of the world of two wheels, offering a range of electric scooters with a strong personality and distinctive design. Velocifero combines practicality, performance, and design in their products.

Italian Craftsmanship.
Born in Garda in 1999, Velocifero combines Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to create electric vehicles that stand out from the crowd.
Versatile Range.
From electric bikes to electric scooters, Velocifero offers a diverse range of vehicles to suit different riding preferences and needs.
Experience and Expertise.
With over two decades of experience in the industry, Velocifero has established itself as a trusted name in electric mobility. Their expertise is evident in the quality and performance of their vehicles.

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Experience the Future of Cycling

Welcome to Smartmotion. Pioneering Electric Biking Innovation

Discover the exhilaration of cycling reimagined with Smartmotion. Smartmotion is committed to enhancing your cycling experience with superior electric bikes.

Diverse Portfolio.
Smartmotion's range includes Transit, Freedom, Trail, and EMTB models.
Unmatched Riding Experience.
Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or new to the saddle, Smartmotion’s e-bikes are designed to elevate your ride, ensuring an unmatched cycling experience.
Sustainability Focus.
Smartmotion electric bikes are a step towards more sustainable transportation.

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Redefine Your Ride

Unleash the Power of Cycling with SAVA

Experience the future of cycling with SAVA's diverse range of bicycles, engineered for performance and comfort across all terrains.

Unmatched Quality.
SAVA bicycles boast a carbon frame with a 15-year warranty, ensuring durability and reliability for your rides.
Innovative Design.
SAVA combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, resulting in bicycles that not only perform excellently but also look great.
Ride with Confidence.
With SAVA, you're not just getting a bicycle, you're investing in a riding experience that prioritizes your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

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SAVA Bicycles

Experience 100% Electric Mobility

Eborn: Your Gateway to Electric Transportation

Dive into the world of electric mobility with Eborn, offering a broad selection of the latest generation e-vehicles.

Diverse Portfolio.
Our lineup spans E-Motorcycles, E-Scooters, E-Bikes, and E-Skateboards, meeting a wide array of mobility demands.
Purely Electric.
Our products enhance your speed, independence, style, relaxation, and even your athletic pursuits—all powered electrically.
Environmentally Friendly.
Commit to environmental and nature conservation with our completely emission-free local mobility solutions.

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Elevate Your Pulse

Pulseer - Your ticket to limitless adventures on the water.

Unleash the power of Pulseer's eFoils, designed for the ultimate water adventure. Our compact design allows for portability and convenience. For the ultimate water sports experience.

Unparalleled Experience.
With Pulseer, you get to enjoy a unique water adventure that's not only exciting but also environmentally friendly.
Impressive Portfolio.
Our product range includes eFoils, Classic Foils, Boards, Batteries, and Wings. Each product is designed to cater to various water sport enthusiasts.
Extended Adventure.
With Pulseer, your water adventure is not cut short. Our eFoils are designed to last, giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy the water for longer periods.

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Pulseer eFoils

Redefine Your Ride

Discover Exway. The Future of Electric Skateboards

Experience the thrill of the ride with Exway's high-performance electric skateboards, designed for the modern urban adventurer.

Innovative Design.
Exway's skateboards, designed for diverse riding styles and terrains, offer a range of models.
Powerful Performance.
Advanced electric motors in Exway's skateboards ensure a potent and smooth ride.
Impressive Range.
Exway's range varies by model, ensuring your urban adventures continue uninterrupted.

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